To the reader,

“Projection” (a fictional podcast) is the result of a long-running inquiry by the author into the true meaning of one of the world’s greatest mysteries.  It is based on the application of Symbol and Process Primitive Scenario Generation (SiPPSiG) which is a methodology for the identification and classification of unknown diagrammatic symbols and process artifacts.  It was developed by the author.

Please see the following for a description of the process.  SiPPSiG

Please see the following for a detailed summary of SiPPSiG results as related to the Giza Plateau.  Creating the Projection

The interpretations and findings are real, although highly speculative.  The podcast is pure fiction.

I hope you enjoy both the science and the fiction,

Robert Gregory Cathcart


Bio for Robert Gregory Cathcart

Greg is a graduate of the University of Texas (Arlington) with a BBA in Management/Finance.  He has also attended the University of Texas (Dallas) where he pursued graduate-level coursework in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience with particular emphasis on the application of neural predictive networks in health and business.

His professional background includes software design and architecture with an emphasis on platform-independent modeling for advanced predictive neural networks for the healthcare, energy, chemical, financial, aerospace, and biotechnology industries.  He has a passion for training and team building and has been a frequent speaker and facilitator at technology conferences and training seminars throughout the United States.

Greg is involved in a number of education initiatives including serving as co-founder and board president of Animas High School, an award-winning public charter high school in Durango Colorado.  He has been actively involved in the development of educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the Kibera Soweto district in Nairobi, Kenya.

He lives in Durango Colorado.