Technology concept: hex-code digital background

The purpose of this page is to provide an ongoing flow of ideas regarding the potential structure and ramifications of a hypothesized projected reality which is central to the premise of the fictional podcast.  Please feel free to forward your ideas and comments.

Notes on Structure:

  • Projected reality is a three-dimensional quantum projection from a two-dimensional surface.  While it has many similarities to the Simulation Hypothesis,  it is a projection and not a pure simulation.
  • The two-dimensional surface is composed of information which is then projected into a three-dimensional representation within a confined quantum environment.
  • The confined quantum environment serves as a boundary for projected reality.
  • A classical-quantum interface (potentially 8 bit) is required for the translation of information into quantum representations.
  • Quantum representations are stored and later projected within a confined quantum environment holographically to create a projected reality.
  • Each projected reality is populated with conscious entities.
  • Conscious entities within a projected reality experience it as their own reality.
  • Conscious entities within a projected reality will eventually begin to understand the true nature of that reality.
  • Conscious entities within a projected reality will eventually be able to modify that reality through classical-quantum projection.
  • There are multiple projected realities or projections which share a common basis of information or two-dimensional master representation.
  • Conscious entities within a projection are unable to access the shared two-dimensional master representation.
  • Multiple projected realities are linked and in theory, can communicate with one another through a classical-quantum interface.
  • Projected realities are entangled from a quantum perspective.
  • Communication between projected realities is accomplished through projection from one projected reality to another.
  • Consciousness can be projected into linked projected realities.  More specifically, conscious entities can observe and interact with linked projected realities.
  • While it is possible to transit projected realities and to modify projected realities, it is unclear whether conscious entities will eventually be able to directly access or manipulate information within the two-dimensional master representation.
  • It is unclear whether conscious entities are real and independent of projected reality, artificial and dependent on projected reality, or some combination of the two.  (Think of the theological concept of the mind as opposed to the spirit as an analogy.)

Additional Notes:

  • Conscious entities within a projected reality will eventually be able to create their own projected realities through classical-quantum projection. (Nested projected realities)
  • Quaternion and Octonion mathematics (currently used in the simulation of three-dimensional projection) will play a critical role in fully understanding the structure of projected reality.
  • The geometry of the E8 lattice may also play a significant role in our understanding of the structure of projected reality.
  • The human mind processes information in an n-dimensional geometric form that mirrors projected reality.