In the process of developing this material, I have found myself asking some very important questions.  Is it possible that our present reality is projected?  If so, then why?  I have thought a lot about this and I would like to share my most extraordinary thoughts on the potential of these findings.

The premise of the fictional podcast is based on the idea that we exist in a projected reality (not a simulation) and that we have been given the opportunity to solve a puzzle in this reality for the sake of others in our own future.   It is not a puzzle of technology but rather a puzzle of interpretation which leads to an advanced technological approach that will help us to solve an intractable problem in the future.  Namely, how do we transform our own projected reality or move between projected realities if the need arises?

I am not implying that the premise of the podcast is true.  However, it does raise some interesting questions in light of the recent development of the “Simulation Hypothesis”.

See  Simulation Hypothesis

First, Is it possible to manipulate or change our current reality through technology?  Second, Are there other realities besides our own and if so, would it be possible to communicate with other intelligent life within them?  Third, Could it be possible to create material objects in our own reality through quantum technology?  Fourth, What is the true nature of consciousness and what is its relationship to our own reality?

Perhaps we can begin to ask some of these questions in a new light.