A visual overview of the Symbol and Process Primitive Scenario Generation (SiPPSiG) methodology.

Methodology Overview 3

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SiPPSiG Overview

SiPPSiG is a computer-assisted methodology for the identification and classification of previously unknown groups of symbols and process artifacts.  The methodology is used to compare groups of unknown symbols to known symbols within modern STEM disciplines.  These are then compared (as spatial and sequential process primitives) to diagrammatic representations of modern processes within specific STEM disciplines.  If suitable, potential process scenarios are developed with the help of human domain experts to make the best guess as to what the underlying symbols may represent.

For this analysis, the artifacts included detailed renderings of all the major structures on the Giza Plateau (exterior and interior) and their spatial and sequential relationships to one another.  SiPPSiG was developed by Robert G. Cathcart.